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Windows by Dennis Maloney

“Framed by the idea, and by the literal shape of windows, this new collection of poems by Dennis Maloney is a vivid representation of what can happen when a poet is at home in more than a few different cultures. A cool precision drives the diction throughout Windows, to melodious and prosperous ends, and the clarity of the moral vision contained there is unwavering. Relying not so much on the element of surprise as on the element of deep insight into the complicated offices of our lives, these poems have the edgy, almost cynical tone and feel of Zen-inspired poems, and in beautifully subtle ways, they are full of the Dharma.”

—Bruce Weigl, author of Among Elms, in Ambush

Windows by Dennis Maloney opens with a type of meditation: ‘The glass pane of the window / serves to frame the view / within and without . . . This book is a window / looking out on a / shifting landscape.’ From there, the poet explores windows in the artwork of Hiroshige, Cézanne, Monet, Matisse–the windows we look out of daily, and the window of our individualism through which we each view the other. I have never read a poetry collection so perfectly centered around a singular metaphor. I am in awe.”

—Shaindel Beers, author of Secure Your Own Mask


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