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The Plume Anthology of Poetry 2013

In just a few years, Plume has become one of the most respected and influential on-line poetry journals. MadHat Press is delighted to present their second anthology, featuring new poems by Kim Addonizio, Meena Alexander, Dick Allen, Nathalie Anderson, Nin Andrews, Rae Armantrout, Gennady Aygi, Angela Ball, JT Barbarese, Robin Behn, Sophie Cabot Black, Yves Bonnefoy, Daniel Bosch, Steven Bradbury, Christopher Buckley, Catullus, Pierre Chappuis, Alex Cigale, Patricia Clark, Andrei Codrescu, Andrea Cohen, Billy Collins, Martha Collins, David Colmer, Nicole Cooley, Peter Cooley, Josh Cook, Brian Culhane, Jim Daniels, Carl Dennis, W.S. Di Piero, Stephen Dobyns, Patrick Donnelly, Norman Dubie, Denise Duhamel, Angie Estes, Kathleen Flenniken, Stuart Friebert, Tess Gallagher, Brendan Galvin, Beckian Fritz Goldberg, Dana Golin, Dana Goodyear, Jorie Graham, Kelle Groom, Kimiko Hahn, Jennifer Michael Hecht, Bob Hicok, David Huddle, Andrew Hudgins, T.R. Hummer, Mark Irwin, Judy Jordan, Pierre Joris, Marilyn Kallet, Katia Kapovich, Christopher Kennedy, Dick Kenney, John Kinsella, David Kirby, Len Krisak, Karl Krolow, Lance Larsen, Sydney Lea, Lyn Lifshin, William Logan, James Logenbach, Mary Mackey, Maurice Manning, Campbell McGrath, Sandra McPherson, Vadim Mesyats, Carl Moldaw, Cees Noteboom, Idra Novey, Sharon Olds, Dzvinia Orlowsky, Ruth Padel, Linda Pastan, Carl Phillips, Anzhelina Polonskaya, Kevin Prufer, Lia Purpura, Lawrence Raab, James Richardson, Alberto Rios, David Rivard, Hoyt Rogers, J. Allyn Rosser, Clare Rossini, Tomaž Šalamun, Mary Jo Salter, Grace Schulman, Maureen Seaton, Martha Serpas, Alan Shapiro, Laurie Simmons, Jeff Skinner, Ron Slate, Bruce Smith, Charlie Smith, Ron Smith, Lisa Russ Spaar, Bianca Stone, Terese Svoboda, Arthur Sze, Micael Thoms Taren, Daniel Tobin, William Trowbridge, Chase Twichell, Alexander Ulanov, Jean Valentine, Arthur Vogelsang, Diane Vreuls, Andrew Wachtel, David Wagoner, Diane Wakoski, G.C. Waldrep, Rosanna Warren, Mark Wunderlich, and Hsia Yü. The Plume Anthology of Poetry comprises, by rough estimate, 90% new work, previously unpublished in Plume or anywhere else.

We know you'll enjoy this fabulous anthology, and hope you check out our partner in its creation, Plume.
The Plume Anthology of Poetry 2013

edited by Daniel Lawless
$19.95, paperback, 286pp
ISBN-13:  978-1-941196-02-1


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