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The Feast by Pui Ying Wong

On The Feast


“Multicultural context & associations. This is a journey into our earthly time, in its scenery, a wonderful reflection on human fate. I admire the aesthetics and subtle expression of these poems. They are authentic, and have magnetic power, without unnecessary lyrical baroque. The rhythm & nuance of the planet! A great feast of poetry.”
—Grzegorz Wróblewski

“Pui Ying Wong's The Feast is a wonder. Curious, brave, and profound, here is a poet unafraid to explore the gap between what happens and what can be said of it: What are words if they can't sing/ dirges, when even the crows are crying out. And so she sings, and not only dirges but love lyrics, elegies, mythic narratives, and meditations. Whether decrying hypocrisy and violence or celebrating love in its many forms, including mourning, her poems strengthen and nourish us — no book was ever more truthfully titled.”
—Richard Hoffman, author of Noon until Night

“The exquisitely crafted poems of Pui Ying Wong’s THE FEAST, detailed, ordered, and delicate yet inchoate and wild at their core reflect the multi-layered, multilingual and transcontinental consciousness that so much of today’s best poetry does. Pui Ying Wong both describes, reflects and inhabits the dangerous and delicious place of discovery and exposure that we as a nation find ourselves in today. THE FEAST is as welcome an addition to American poetry as it is a vital and necessary and nourishing one.”
—Sapphire, New York Times bestselling author of The Kid and Black Wings & Blind Angels

Paperback: 86 pages
Publisher: Madhat, Inc.
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-952335-49-5


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