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Running Again in Hollywood Cemetery by Ron Smith

Praise for Running Again in Hollywood Cemetery:

Awarding the Guy Owen Prize to the volume’s title poem, poet Linda Pastan wrote, “For me, the clear winner is ‘Running Again in Hollywood Cemetery.’ Under its deceptively colloquial surface, there is a rare mix of power and elegance, a wonderful control of language and feeling.”

—Linda Pastan, winner of the Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize


"The drama of these poems is to convert physical life to words without losing touch with physical life. Pumping irony, we might say, and Ron Smith is in the weight room, working out. The ferocity of felt life and the tenderness of remembered life contend. Here's a true poet.…"

—William Matthews, winner of the Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize


"Ron Smith is blessed with a deceptive simplicity of language, for these apparently straightforward poems are constantly working with difficult paradoxes we too often evade.…"

—Henry Taylor, winner of the Pulitzer Prize


Running Again in Hollywood Cemetery (2nd Edition)
by Ron Smith

$21.95, paperback, 92 pp
ISBN-13:  978-1-941196-90-8


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