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O, and Green by Paul Hoover

Praise for Paul Hoover

“Scoured by sound / and the scent of distance”:  Paul Hoover’s remarkable poems have always presented us with startling sonic interventions and the “scent” of distant worlds and new possibilities.… But Hoover is also a visionary, and his recent poems take on a more spiritual cast.… Hoover at the very top of his game.                  

—Marjorie Perloff

Paul Hoover’s universe is quotidian and miraculous.  Skinny clerks lie down with the fat, rain is always saying something ancient, and God sends the ostrich and the badger in herds through already wrecked rooms.… Each poem is a subtle and expansive treasure…, a web of words that weaves and unweaves us, the readers, into unexpected epiphanies. Freaked with meaning, this universe is luminous. Step into it, live fully alive.

—Sharon Mesmer, author of Greetings from My Girlie Leisure Place
 and Ma Vie à Yonago: Illuminations 

Enclosed in the hard, musical nutshell of Paul Hoover poems is rich, sweet, bitter, philosophical and deeply personal flesh. Like a clear-cut wound under its austere shelter, it sometimes allows itself to be seen. Time stands still just long enough to be endured in its casing of words, then another portal opens, and another, always full and precise, nothing wasted. The vast culture of its fibers alone is enough to tell the story of poetry now. This collection is a cornucopia that also gifts the reader with the weave of the basket it spills from. Rereading Hoover’s work pays off every time, and it will do so forever.

—Andrei Codrescu, author of The Posthuman Dada Guide:
Tzara and Lenin Play Chess
and No Time Like Now: New Poems


O, and Green
New and Selected Poems
by Paul Hoover

$22.95, paperback, 274 pp
ISBN: 978-1-952335-32-7


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