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Django & Jezebel by John Kinsella

Django & Jezebel & the Staffs of Kwarn

Django, a failed theatre critic, and Jezebel, a construct of his immature desires, pursue an ongoing quest for the Staffs of Kwarn in an apocalyptic world of militarism, greed, rogue intelligence services, sex and gender control, and hallucinogens. Along with invisible and visible associates, they undertake to resist and thwart The Miners, the Polygraphia, and The Mayor of Flam, who aim to conquer the Inland, to overthrow the Animists and ultimately the Sea Dragons. Django, trying to unburden himself from the ultra-baggage of his schoolboy traumas, unleashes agents of conspiracy, self-awareness and denial. A diabolically confrontational post-sci-fi/fantasy engaging with speculative paradox in the evasion of truth.

“… when the Kinsella word-machine is at full throttle, he’s able to amaze on whatever subject is at hand: alien, vegetable or mineral.”
—Publisher’s Weekly

“John Kinsella has long been one of Australia’s most driven, prolific and brilliant authors, whether writing poetry, fiction or criticism.”
The Sydney Morning Herald

Praise for the story collection Old Growth:

“Kinsella imbues his stories with political motive—against the conservative trends in society, against all forms of aggression, and for anarchism—and they cannot be read without that acknowledgement.… Kinsella invokes place and the role it has on individual and collective identities, and explores the ways in which chance affects behaviour.”
Westerly Magazine

Praise for the novel Lucida Intervalla:

“Against a rural sensibility that emphasises precarity and degradation, Kinsella frequently deploys a postmodern, posthumanist sensibility that emerges from the intertwining of post-structuralist theory and punk.… uses the ecological imagery of impending climatic doom, in which the people of the wheatbelt fear that their land will become the desert so much of Australia already is.”
The Australian


Django & Jezebel
by John Kinsella

$21.95, paperback, 270 pp
ISBN-13:  978-1-941196-94-6


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