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Campaign by David Breskin (hardcover)

CAMPAIGN:  Advance Men

“David Breskin is a righteous, exacting, politically astute poet, and his Campaign is something truly new, a blend of visionary journalism and poetry’s formal fire. Nobody else sounds like him. These poems are speedy and savage, and grimly funny, driven hard by moral insult and the grotesque moment our polity is suffering through. Every one is a little furnace of truth.”

—W. S. Di Piero

“There’s nothing convenient about these 7-Elevens, and David Breskin’s aisles are stocked with fresh, surprising and often brilliant poetic treats, not the usual stale campaign fare. Talk about a fresh angle! These “Elective Poems” may be the only good thing to come out of 2016.”

—Jonathan Alter, MSNBC analyst
and author of
The Center Holds: Obama and His Enemies

“David Breskin’s poems incarnate our present retrograde moment with all the onslaught and disjunction of last year’s news crawl. But there’s nothing crawling here; instead we get sprints, a forward ferocity that may allow us hope for a future while definitely giving us hope for poetry.”

—Dean Young

by David Breskin

$37.95, hardcover, 288 pp.
ISBN:  978-1-941196-50-2


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