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Stephen Sturgeon was the Editor of Fulcrum: an Annual of Poetry and Aesthetics from 2006 to 2011. He is the English and American Literature Librarian at the University of Iowa.


Praise for Trees of the Twentieth Century:

“This is what poetry is supposed to feel like”

—Josh Cook in BOOKSLUT
“Sturgeon’s Trees is much more than a debut. It is a revelation, an
entirely new thing, and at the same time feels a bit like coming home.
That’s because Sturgeon’s voice is part prophet, part fierce cynic—a
synthesis of Blake and Eliot, with a bit of Stevens in there as well. These
poems are difficult, nourishing examinations of perception, of memory,
of culture, of love, of connection and loss and disillusionment.”
—Amber Sparks in BIG OTHER

“Sturgeon illuminates the otherwise transparent impressions of
memory and conscience, those opaque connections between our
imaginations and each other, in music that sharpens the verse with
thrilling uncertainty. His poems impress themselves upon the mind
like an iron. He may be the first major poet of this generation.”
—Daniel Pritchard, editor of THE CRITICAL FLAME
Stephen Sturgeon’s two-volumes-in-one collection,
Trees of the Twentieth Century and The Ship,
is now available from MadHat Press.


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