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Mario MurgiaMario Murgia is a poet, literary translator, and professor of English, Translation, and Comparative Literature at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.
His most recent academic book, Versos escritos en agua: la influencia de El Paraíso Perdido en Byron, Keats y Shelley (Lines Writ in Water: The Influence of Paradise Lost on Byron, Keats, and Shelley, UNAM, winter 2015) attempts to explain how the figure of Milton’s Satan was adapted and sublimated in the poetry of the so-called younger Romantics. Murgia’s poetry has appeared in publications such as Caminos Inciertos (Spain, 2010), Emanations: Second Sight (USA, 2012), and The Battersea Review (USA, 2015). Murgia currently lives in Mexico City, where he has also published annotated Spanish editions of John Milton’s Maske (Comus, Axial, 2013), Areopagitica (Areopagítica, UNAM, 2009) and The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates (El título de reyes y magistrados, UNAM, 2012).

Singularly Remote: Essays on Poetries,
an essay collection by Mario Murgia,
is now available from MadHat Press.


MadHat Press is the non-profit publishing arm of the annual multimedia e-zine, MadHat (Mad Hatters’ Review), and a production of MadHat, Inc.

MadHat Press seeks to foster the work of writers and poets: explosive, lyrical, passionate, deeply wrought voices that stretch the boundaries of language, narrative and image, vital and enduring literary voices that sing on the page as well as in the mind.

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