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The Loneliest Ranger: Selected Poems 1953 - 2012 by Joe Green

“This volume’s explosive power is tremendous and self-recharging: I am looking forward to finding out exactly how the blasts, plural, will impact where our poetry goes from here … [Joe Green] has promised us ‘a diamond at the end of time,’ and he delivers.”   —Philip Nikolayev
“ … a master of craft and invention, a purveyor of tradition and sensibility and right wonder, an influence upon countless younger poets, and one of our own very few real contemporary classics.”   —Ben Mazer
“Is there a single contemporary poet who can match Joe Green for comic invention? His poems have more in common with the wide-ranging madness of Voltaire’s Candide or Nathanael West’s Miss Lonelyhearts than anything on your poetry shelves. And like those masterpieces of dark comedy, Green’s poems have a core that is humane and generous, reading him as restorative as spending time in the sun.”   —John Hennessy
“Joe Green’s poems [are] … alternately allusive, absurd, and personally moving—but always the poems you turn to fi rst because of the pleasure they deliver.”   —David Latane


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