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Odd Man Out by Dennis Daly

Praise for Odd Man Out


Dennis Daly’s Odd Man Out is a thought-provoking poetry collection that encompasses a wide range of themes, seamlessly weaving narrative and thoughtful observation into a lyric meditation on the human condition. His distinctive blend of reality with mythological and allegorical elements engages the reader in a contemplative journey through a series of unique characters and scenarios, inviting them to explore the boundaries between the ordinary and the extraordinary. With keen social commentary, the poems examine essential questions about life, virtue, vice, and the enigmatic nature of existence. Whether describing the opulence of a palace with “gold-leaf roofs in Thimphu” or the distant, glimmering objects in the vastness of space as “frozen sparks” or “a universal waterspout inverted into heavy rain,” Daly’s words paint vivid mental pictures and demonstrate his mastery in conveying both the tangible and the abstract with clarity and depth, making the book an immersive and intellectually stimulating read.
—Philip Nikolayev, author of Monkey Time and his translation, The Star of Dazzling Ecstasy: 79 Poems by Alexander Pushkin

Marking pages to cite particular poems as my favorites, I ran out of post-it notes in the reread of this wonderful book. Daly has an eximious sense of rhythm, pace, and momentum that lead to a great read. Jan Oort fans rejoice, Dennis Daly is on our side.
—Michael Casey, author of Check Points, Obscenities (Yale Younger Poets), and Millrat

Odd Man Out
by Dennis Daly

$21.95, paperback, 116 pp
ISBN-13:  978-1-952335-77-8


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