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Cardinal Points Journal Vol. 5

This issue of Cardinal Points is dedicated to the memory of the brilliant translators Stanley Mitchell (1932–2011), Michael Henry Heim (1943–2012), F. D. Reeve (1928–2013), Daniel Weissbort (1935–2013), and George Kline (1921–2014), as well as the legendary poets Natalya Gorbanevskaya (1936–2013), Stanisław Barańczak (1946–2014), Nina Cassian (1924–2014), Maxine Kumin (1925–2014), Inna Lisnyanskaya (1928–2014), and Mark Strand (1934–2014). These men and women set moral standards for several generations of readers, students, and colleagues; they are paragons of professionalism and open-mindedness.

In the issue: translations of Batyushkov, Mandelstam, Kushner, Samoylov, Vysotsky; Peter France’s essay on Annensky; poetry from Romania and from the Mexican border; essays by A. Messerer and M. Jastrzębska; poems by Russian writers on a Horatian theme, tr. by P. France with an essay by I. Kutik, Maria Rybakova’s Gnedich, tr. by Elena Dimov, and much more. Included in the issue are translations of Arseny Tarkovsky by the winners of the Compass Translation Competition 2014. CP5 was compiled by guest editor Boris Dralyuk (CP co-editor).

Cardinal Points Journal vol. 5
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