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Our Lady of the Orgasm by Nin Andrews

In Our Lady of the Orgasm, Nin Andrews continues her saga of the orgasm begun in her classic collection The Book of Orgasms. Meditating on the relationship between the human and the divine, the humdrum and the fantastic, the visible and the invisible, she imagines the orgasm as a divine being who dwells in our midst and who can, on special occasions, manifest as Our Lady of the Orgasm.

* * *

Nin Andrews is the most accomplished and affecting poet of the erotic in America. In poems, especially prose poems, of uncanny deftness and muscularity, she establishes, to use the ready word, an intercourse among all elements—including the comical, the rhapsodic, and the tragic. She is matchless.
—Sydney Lea

Nin Andrews is a complete original on a lifelong poetic quest to sublimely understand the sublime. Gender–bending and genre-blurring, Andrews is a fabulous fabulist whose talent is only that much more pronounced in Our Lady of the Orgasm. This book is divine pleasure!   —Denise Duhamel

Finally we have an orgasm with some ambition. Here are the secret thoughts, untold longings and yearnings of an orgasm no one really knew before—one just like you and me—with a heart, a selfie, a twitter account, a raison d’etre. How many orgasms in your neighborhood do you encounter every day without realizing, “Hey, this one has some star quality.” We think they come and go. Not true. Now, from humble origins, to self-actualization, here is one you will come to know and love, and wish will go on forever.
  —Grace Cavalieri


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