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Highway One, Antarctica by Justin Herrmann

MadHat Press is proud to present Highway One, Antarctica, the debut book of short fiction by Justin Herrmann. Justin Herrmann spent twenty-four months doing janitorial work at McMurdo Station in Antarctica with some really good people. He lives in Alaska with his partner and daughter. He attended the MFA program at University of Alaska Anchorage.


"Justin Hermann is one of the best new voices in short fiction—deep and entertaining as hell, with many funny lines, unexpected turns of events, and great insights. Wonderful stories: each one is a trip!"

—Josip Novakovich


 "As waves of new stories wash over the reading world day after day, Justin Herrmann's voice stands out like a boulder anchored to the beach by authenticity and empathy. His working class characters live just out of reach of contemporary middle class life—and love. And Herrmann writes their stories with the respectful honesty of a guy who knows what it's like to work the late shift with an aching heart."

—Richard Chiappone, author of Water of an Undetermined Depth


"Highway One, Antarctica is a wonderful debut by a writer with razor-sharp insights to the human condition. Justin Herrmann is a voice I hope to hear more from, and soon. Excellent collection."

—Jo-Ann Mapson, author of Solomon's Oak


"For such funny stories, Herrmann's stories are terribly sad—wistful and droll, they're honest coming-of-age tales set in outlandish places, proving that youth is always young, and sometimes wise."

—Beth Lordan, author of But Come Ye Back


"Do Justin Herrmann's tragicomic characters prove that the best humorous writing has a serious side, or that serious writing is better when it makes you laugh? From Antarctica (where Herrmann worked as a janitor) to touristy Tombstone Arizona, wherever there is a loveable loser, Herrmann is there. Thanks to these fine, funny and a tender tales, you can be to. Let’s hope that this collection is just the tip of Herrmann's literary iceberg. Here's a book that your twentysomething son will enjoy reading as much as you do."

—Heather Lende, author of If You Lived Here, I'd Know Your Name



Highway One, Antarctica
by Justin Herrmann
$18, paperback, 116pp
ISBN-13:  978-0-9885490-7-4


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