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The Plume Anthology of Poetry 6 ed. Daniel Lawless

Poetry is sustaining. We need it as individuals, and our culture is hungry for it.… All the more reason to get these poems into the world.…

~ Maurice Manning, from the preface

Plume is eclectic in the most purposeful and pleasurable of ways. In a very short amount of time, Danny Lawless has made it a “must-read” like no other. Plume is one of my favorite sources for new poetry—online or in print.
~ David Rivard

Plume is rapidly becoming one of the best places in America to read poetry, online and in print, thanks to the untiring efforts of Danny Lawless. It’s where to find dazzling work by new and established writers, and, thanks to the new technology, it is available instantly to readers by the millions.
~ Grace Schulman

Daniel Lawless has a gift for publishing poets who not only represent the breadth and depth at which the art is practiced today, but who together make—how to say it?—a feisty crowd, their proximity in the pages of Plume creating all sorts of surprising angles of vision.  
~ Clare Rossini

The Plume Anthology of Poetry is a wild and lovely gathering of poems and poets. Lawless has pulled together a time and place in a selection of some of the most interesting work being done.
~ Laura Kasischke


  • Paperback: 418 pages
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