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spoKe issue 9

The mission of spoKe is to advance a better understanding of the world through poetry and poetics.  Founded in response to the Boston Marathon bombing, we are strong to advance:
  1. A global poetry that engages with or is from the world’s places, cultures and literary traditions: past, present, and visions of futures.
  2. American poetry that sees the English language and literary tradition as core but one of many roots and paths for poetry.
  3. A poetics that attempts to innovate language, idiom, sensibility, and poetic form while maintaining a public presence.

 In the tradition of one of Boston’s greatest magazines, Cid Corman’s Origin, we go deeply into a few poets, regions, and cultures in each issue.

In spoKe 9 we pay homage to the great playwright, fiction writer, and poet Ed Bullins.  We are also proud to exhibit Charles Martin’s new translations of Horace’s Odes, and translations of the Haitian poet Marie-Célie Agnant by Danielle Legros Georges.  Suzanne Mercury’s HIVE is buzzing and once again we serialize Amanda Cook of Gloucester’s Letters to Maximus. Our poetry section exhibits even more from Marc Vincenz, John Mulrooney, Wang Ping and David Blair.  We also shine a light on Susan Eisenberg,  William Doreski, and more Mark Pawlak. spoKe 9 has an incredible group of essays and reviews, notably Larry Smith on Kenneth Patchen’s Boston days, and Linda Norton on Charles Reznikoff.  Joe Safdie on Charles Olson and Brooks Adams, and reviews of Suzanne Mercury, Ben Mazer, and Roland Pease.

 spoKe issue 9
$15.00, paperback,
248 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-952335-53-2
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.6 x 9 inches


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MadHat Press seeks to foster the work of writers and poets: explosive, lyrical, passionate, deeply wrought voices that stretch the boundaries of language, narrative and image, vital and enduring literary voices that sing on the page as well as in the mind.

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